Canadianna Spicery

                                                                                SPICE LIST

Asian Stir Fry                       Fantastic for pork, chicken stir fry.

Bacon Glaze                         If there was such a thing as Bacon Candy this could be it. **** NEW****

B.B.Q. Blend                        Contains Blackening agent(corn sugar) good for fish, burgers, pork, chicken.

Beef Rub                               I dry whole lemons for this. You can use as a rub on pork, chicken, beef.  Makes a good marinade.

Burger Blaster                    Will perk up any burger, meat loaf, chicken, pork, ribs.

Cajun                                     Makes the best Cajun prawns

Curry                                     You don't need to heat this before using.  Just add to the dish you are cooking.

Chinese 5                             Of course Chinese food needs this flavorful blend.

COUNTRY PEPPER              #1 BLENDFrom eggs in the morning to your finest cut of meat.  This is the DO IT ALL SPICE

Dillicious                               From potato salad to borscht this blend covers all your dill needs.

Espresso Rub                       Made with fair trade organic freshly roasted coffee.   

Garlic & Herb Medley        This blend can be used for any garlic purpose.

Garlic Pickling Spice          Garlic slices in pickling spices.  Great for pickles, pickled eggs and boiling ribs.

Greek                                     Shake this blend over your greek salad.  Toss and you're ready to go.  Works well on meat too.

Hemp Salad Lift                  Just toss on your salad and voila, it is dressed.  Great on baked potatoes or chinese food.

Herb Bread Blend              Add to your bread dough and savory dipping bread you have created.

Herbes de Provence          No soup or stew should be without this blend.

Himalayan Crystal Salt    This crystal salt has 82 minerals that our bodies use.

Hunter's Blend                   For the hunters and fishers.  This blend makes wild game, smoked fish,  jerky and hashbrowns taste great

Italian Herbs                       This is not just for spaghetti.  Great on pizza, in bread dough, sprinkled on a salad.

Lamb & Fish Blend            Who would have thought? Makes both taste wonderful.

Lemon Pepper                   Whole dried ground lemons and pepper. Just what Lemon Pepper should be. 

Mexican Blend                  Tacos, burritos, enchaladas and makes your homemade salsa complete.

Poultry Seasoning             Just like grandma used to make.  Chicken soup, poultry.

Red Pepper & Garlic          For those who like a bit of zip.

Red Pepper/Habanero & Garlic                                   ...For those who laugh at heat...

Rock Creek Rub                  Makes an awesome shrimp spice.  Good on chicken and pork too.

Spicy Sea Salt                      More flavor less salt. 

2010 Chili Blend                 Made for the Olympic Torch Run Party in Rock Creek. Even the kids wanted seconds & thirds.

WHOLE Country Pepper   Same great taste as Country Pepper only made for a grinder.  Tri colored peppercorns are used.

                                These are just some ideas. If you discover a new way of using the blends I would love to hear from you.

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